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Some Post Heatwave Press

Laura Taylor about about 6 years ago


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Hype is hype

I look forward to many of the shows WMNF puts on and Heatwave is a great opportunity to see many acts that otherwise could not be seen in this area, so kudos for that. But as much as MNF'ers seem to dislike the crass commercialism employed by many in the media, they seemingly are not opposed to employing it when it helps their station. You can tell when am MNF show is coming up. Over the top promo's, as ubiiquitous as the Geico Gekko, many times for acts that until recently received little or no airplay, are followed by a sudden interest in said act by many of the programmers, to the point of seeming obligitory. Do these acts coincidentally get better after being booked? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the station, I regularly contribute to it, I go to many of the shows, but hype, regardless of the rightousness of the cause, in my opinion, is distasteful.

Concert promotion

Responding to Hype is Hype: I appreciate your thoughts. There are tens of thousands of bands and musical artists, and more than 50,000 new releases a year come into the station. WMNF plays a wide variety of music without a prescribed rotation. It is very hard for new artists to break through audience consciousness. One of the good side benefits of our concerts and events like Tropical Heatwave is that as a concert approaches, programmers play the artist(s) to help promote the show and familiarize the audience with the artist(s). It's nothing crass or mandated; programmers support the station and want listeners to come to our shows. It often results in a breakthrough for the artist(s). They get enough concentrated attention with a couple of weeks of promotion, their songs being played, plus being seen by a good crowd at the concert, and they become a familiar WMNF artist -this is how we get new core artists who are identified with the station. And when they come back to town or they have a new release out, there is already a level of familiarity. Maybe sometimes our promotion is over the top and we should be more careful about issuing superlatives - but often we are singing the praises of incredible artists who are under the radar...and their shows justify the praise. Many, if not most of your favorite WMNF artists first became known to you when we booked them for a show or Heatwave and they got enough airplay and attention to break into your consciousness. If we are going to bring shows to town or continue to put on Tropical Heatwave, we need to promote the artists. Or the shows lose money, the station fails, the community suffers and the world goes into dark period of repression. How's that for hype? Hope to see you at the shows! Randy Wynne WMNF Program Director

happy listener,supporter,volunteer

Right on Randy!!!I for one, are extremely grateful for the strong advance play of artists set to perform at Heatwave! Hearing the music of these artists affords me the knowledge to select acts to see and hear,giving me the greatest Heatwave experience!!PROMOTION IS ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY....w/ WMNF we get musical experinces worthy of the promotion... giant thx to all who make it happen!!!!