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WMNF Peace Awards Winners

Laura Taylor about almost 6 years ago

WMNF held our first-ever Peace Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 29th at Maestro's Restaurant at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. And what a night it was! Dozens of individuals and organizations were recognized for their great achievements in human rights, social and economic justice, the environment and nonviolence. Steve Earle put on an amazing solo set at the end of the evening. Due to a family emergency, Amy Goodman was unable to join us.

Although each nominee was given a recognition piece, here are the winners in each category:

Peace Legacy Award (preselected)

Susan Hussey

Lou and Karen Putney

Dr. J (pre-selected)

Special Merit Community Tampa Bay (pre-selected)

Peace & Freedom

Becky Steele, Regional Executive Director, ACLU

Peace & Justice

Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Lucas Benitez

Peace Love & Understanding


Ahmed Bedier and Samar Jarrah, True Talk

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Connie May Fowler, author

Peace & Humanity

Linda A. Osmundson, Executive Director, CASA

Stay tuned to for pictures of this event!

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Ah yes this reminds me of the old days when the Soviets awarded the Lenin Peace Prize to useful idiots --- oh sorry, I meant deserving recipients in the West. I'm glad to see WMNF preserve this tradition.

Congratulations -- wish I could've been there!

I'm not quite sure what "mikhail the old bolshevik" is trying to say with the last comment, but I do know what the Thai monk Ajan Chah said. "If someone calls you a dog, look behind you, and if you haven't got a tail, then you're not a dog." Congratulations to all the award winners for trying to make the community and the world a better place to live. May you (and "mikhail") be happy, healthy, and peaceful.