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Ralph Nader to be live on WMNF this Thursday from 1:05-2PM

Rob Lorei about over 5 years ago

This Thursday (December 17th) WMNF's News and Public Affairs Director Rob Lorei will interview the consumer activists and former presidential candidate about the health insurance reform debate, his new book, his possible run for US Senate and President Obama's first year in office.

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Questions for the Former Presidential Candidate?

Rob, Thank you for bringing Mr. Nader's opinions and views to our airwaves. Will we be able to call in to present questions to Mr. Nader?


Since we are in a very bad Ression and most of the experts agree that small business will play a big part in our recovery,wouldn't this be the time to argue how a single payer health care plan would help with the recovery?

Active reformer

Nader is so stale - time has passed him by - long ago. The only thing that keeps him coming back is his ego, and people like Lorei who adore him so.

Re: active reformer, etc

Gee Marvin, you sure blasted Nader and Lorei! Why do you feel that Ralph Nader is so stale? I'm curious, have you ever really listened to what he has to say? I listened to the program the other day and quite honestly, I found nothing stale about it. But I'm not you, Marvin. Who would you like to hear in future shows that you feel would be more relevant? Also, I don't want you to feel as if I'm attacking you (which I'm not), but I wish that people that take either side of an issue, ie: to not just throw out statements like you did without 1) backing up what they say with facts, and 2) offering suggestions on how to improve something that they disagree with. That said, it's also a good idea to use the part of the brain devoted to intelligence, rather than the part that controls only emotions. If people starting doing that, I think that this world would be a much better place.


Can we assume that Nader is the only person in public life with an ego? If his ego is responsible for his ideas and ideals, I pray that more people get some of what he's got. Meanwhile, time is passing us all by, let's take a cue from Ralph and stay busy creating a just and green future in spite of naysayers and obstructionists.