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Get the WMNF iPhone app

Matt Cowley about over 5 years ago

You can now listen to WMNF on your iPhone through the WMNF app. You can listen to WMNF or Bulls Radio, check out the programming schedule, and catch up on our news and public affairs and station news.

Search for WMNF in the app store, or go here.

Thanks to volunteer Jeff Putney for his hard work on this.

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WMNF iPhone App is FREE!

Matt, This is a great way to listen to WMNF. Thanks for all your work in getting it on the iTunes Store, and thanks to Infinite Monkey Designs for donating this FREE app to the station.


I'm Lovin This! WMNF anywhere, anytime on my iphone.


Perfect. I was just thinking it would be great to have an app on my iphone to play WMNF anytime, anywhere! Brilliant!

A WMNF iPhone app! Great Idea!

I no longer live in the Tampa Bay Area and I can only listen to WMNF online. This is a fantastic idea! A WMNF iPhone app! You guys are right on top of things. My favorite show is Blues With A Groove. As for how I found this app, I was looking for the best app available to connect with WMNF. I hope 88.5 is around for another 30 years.