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Do Corporations Have Too Much Power?

Rob Lorei about almost 5 years ago

What do you think?

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heck yes they have to much power.

The Corporations of today are more powerful and more dangerous to the common person now scene Bush and his administration deregulated everything they could think of and get away with. The EPA was gutted and they did there best to kill the clean air act. They deregulated wall street and look how much damage that did to our economy when it all spun out of control, with no true regulation to keep them in check. Our food, our water, our air and our way of life are in danger from all of the deregulation. It was all at the urging of Big business that this was done. So yes they are way to powerful and need to all be reigned in by replacing and restrengthening our protections and there restrictions.


I agree with douglas. The corporations of today are to powerfull and more dangerous becaus of Bush and his administration deregulated everything until now the vary air we breathe is toxic. We are all in danger from deregulation and need more regulation of ourselves before we endanger the planet and make it uninhabitible. Pleas save us Obama

Can We Wake Up in Time?

Describing the Democrats as the "left" side of the Twin Powers of Politics would be only that they are just as left out of reality as the Republicans. So are any citizens that view Democrats as "left". Rather than merely left & "right" (which I see as wrong) I'd prefer that we'd get a different spin on these two tired, misused & abused descriptions. So, I think a worthy project would be to redefine our country in more reality based terms. The huge problem that we face by always trimming the discussion down to two things is that: it will almost always leave out the better answer! We demand hundreds of TV & radio channels, but can only get our minds around: Right & wrong? Black & white? Speaky English or NOT? Because Europeans & other countries around the world, have their ingrained culture as well as a grasp on the fact there are OTHER things out there - they will continue to advance. The ones who ENCOURAGE education are the ones who do best. As we homogenize our student's potentials into FCAT tests versus critical thinking & reality based study we sink farther into a 3rd world status. This is a result that the worst dictatorships & monarchies have demonstrated throughout history. Let's set our goals higher! We (as a country) being the "melting pot that did well", have the tendency to think we can never improve beyond that ---unless it's through some marketing ideas! Hence we are in the process of homogenizing the whole world with multi-national corporations & their brands leading the way. This self-limitation is our worst enemy. It affects our perception of the proper ecology & economy for our best interests & how that intertwines with the rest of the world. In short, too many people in the USA are on an ego trip that is based on this fantasy that we are exceptional. Our "heroes" are legend, but each person certainly can't take credit for accomplishments of "our fore fathers" or other superstars of the past. Nor can we ignore the dark side of these individuals, in some sort of worshipful disconnect that it's not a problem that entire populations were pushed off of the land they lived on or that others were subjected to work for nothing. When we face incredible disasters, such as what BP laid on us, there is submissive & passive outrage. It's as if a "successful" company can never be considered negligent or criminal! No one wants to be a bearer of bad tidings, still, how can anyone who sees the big picture pretend that: as we sink into a mass dumbing down of our society .....what other results can we expect? Muscles atrophy without exercise & so does brain power. If we DON'T start using our advantages now ( such as basic common sense & an un-tiered internet) we will become victims of the huge corporations & end up working their global plantation. As we are ever led into unquestioning reverence of our military, over any other job categories, we miss the better opportunities to lead the world by finding practical solutions to the real dilemmas that we all face on this planet. We must stop this distracted world view where all of the issues are trivial or hate driven. I write this as the Green Party of Florida representative in the Tampa Bay area.


Who said anything about "the Democrats as the "left" side of the Twin Powers of Politics"?

corporations have ALL the power

Corporations do not have too much power. They have all the power. And what, do tell, have corporations done for the worker? They live and breathe only to fill their pockets with the surplus value of labor from workers.

average citizen

I have to laugh when I read these leftist rants. Do you get your power and electricity from TECO? Your food from Publix? Your clothing from Dillards or Sears? Is your money with Bank of America or Wachovia? What a bunch of phonies.


Let's be like andy and not care what TECO or progress energy does because they already have a monopoly on energy. So there's nothing we can do about it right?

Andy is Right

Andy's right. You people have the minds of children. I don't think we could explain it to you well enough for you to understand. But keep complaing --that's what you do. While the rest of the world moves on.

Andy sure is right

I fear Obama more than TECO. Hurry up 2012.

Me too.

Me too. Worst president we ever had.