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FAQS re Antenna Project/Transmitter upgrade

Jim Bennett about over 4 years ago

1. Why do you have to replace the antenna in the first place? My reception is fine

Like many stations, WMNF does not own the Tower site where we broadcast from. We are tenants, and the owners have determined that they need to replace the antenna, in order to better serve their tenants and so that they can expand by adding more clients. Our reception, when combined with our new transmitter, will actually improve

2. What will the new antenna cost WMNF?

The Tower owners will purchase the new antenna.Because we will be doing our transmitter work at the same time, our labor at the tower site will be minimized for the Antenna project.

3. Why will WMNF's signal be diminished during the Antenna move? Will WMNF be off the air during the Antenna move?

WMNF will be moved to an aux antenna,at a height lower than where the current main antenna is positioned. This will diminish our coverage. With our newer, more powerful transmitter installed ahead of the move, our signal will have a much larger coverage, than if we were on our current transmitter.

4. Why are we getting a new transmitter? Are we getting it just to help our signal during the antenna move? How much does it cost?

With our current transmitter situation, we have no digital back up if WMNF goes off the air. Our digital signal's coverage can be increased with a new transmitter. Our digital signal is currently spottier than it should be. We are maxed out on our current transmitter. There were digital upgrade grants from the Corporation For Public Broadcasting available for power increase. There is no telling if those grants will be available in the future. Getting the new transmitter installed before the antenna move helps us a great deal during the move. The timing is great. When we applied for the grant, we did not know about the antenna project. This is a matching grant...We are receiving $51,000. Our cost is around $24,000. Our board approved in this year's budget our use of $24,000 from the bequest we received this summer.

5.Is it true WMNF will be going off the air for two months?

No, we’ll be on the air the whole time. Temporarily, fewer people will be able to hear us over the air, but we’ll still be online. We now believe we will be at reduced power starting in the middle of January and possibly going to the middle of February (one month). And after it’s over, it may be possible that our signal will improve.

6.What do you mean over the air?

That’s probably how you pick us up now – with an FM radio. But you can also listen with an iPhone or a web browser at:

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