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Public Broadcasting Threatened-Please Take Action!

Laura Taylor about over 4 years ago

On Wednesday, the new Congress convened and public broadcasting funding is already targeted for potential cuts. Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s You Cut initiative includes a proposal to eliminate federal funding for NPR. This threat is the first of many that we expect this year, and should it come to a vote, possibly as soon as next week, we need to demonstrate strong support for public broadcasting. NPR is only the beginning. Much of community and public radio as well as public television are also in jeopardy. But you can make a difference!

We will keep you posted as we learn more about the potential vote next week, but today we need your assistance to build support for public broadcasting.

Please join the 170 Million Americans Campaign, which represents the millions who listen to community and public radio and watch public television.

170 Million Americans

It is vital for the survival of WMNF's Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding that you join this campaign. WMNF receives $148,000 from the CPB. The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB), the main body that supports all community stations, would be dealt a severe blow by losing CPB funding. In fact, WMNF, NFCB, NPR and other entities that rely upon CPB funding would be essentially leveled if that funding is cut.

Joining the campaign is free, and the value to community and public broadcasting will be great.

Once you have signed up for the campaign, you will receive e-mail updates if you wish. We at WMNF will do our best to keep you informed as well.

Thank you for all you do for WMNF and stations like ours that serve so many!

Yours in Community,

Laura Taylor

WMNF Development Director

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Email Link Not Working

I received an email from "WMNF 88.5FM Community Radio" <> which included a link to the 170millionlisteners site. This link does not work. The one here on this blog does work. Perhaps the email to listeners should be resent with a corrected link.


So many smaller papers have cut back already. Why cut out of the best places to hear news!


With the internet and the freedom of speech guaranteed by this great country, there is no shortage of methods to communicate any message desired. I think what these people are wanting to preserve is the free ride on government hand outs. If you need government funds to stay above water, that should tell you something: there isn't an audience for whatever it is you're selling.

You're wrong Bob,

Your failed argument is that government funding of "PUBLIC BROADCASTING" is an unnecessary use of the peoples' contribution (taxes). In fact, American commercial broadcasting - with all its stupidity and intentional "dumbing down" of society - clearly demonstrates exactly why we need strong publicly funded sources of worthwhile programming.

You're right Bob...

State sanctioned religions… state sanctioned art… state sanctioned MEDIA… what’s the difference???


NPR not biased? Read this.