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Rob Lorei about almost 7 years ago

Time for Some Campaignin' | Funny Jokes at JibJab

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Obama and Wife in the ZNew Yorker

I exspected this kind ok attack on him but not really this early. After listening to his speech from Berlin I feel comfortable about voting for him. McCain kept after Obama saying "how can you even talk about Iraq if you've never been there", then when he does go McCain gripes about it. I do know this though, when or if Obama is elcted the neo-cons and the entire Republician prty will fight him tooth and nail just like they did Clinton. They'll try and freeze up the government and look for or invent something, anything to hang around Obama's neck untill he won't be able to do a thing. I can still remember a news clip from CNN just before Clinton took office. Dole was talking to a reporter and said that he was going to do ANYTHING IN HIS POWER to work against the President! God, I hope things are different this time!

Great political humor!

There is no link to get to the jib jab but you can get there by copy/pasting the URL, into a new internet address window. Nice little video. I've read Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope," and I think Obama will do everything possible to prevent partisanship. His style is not strictly party line. He sounds more motivated by what he believes would truly be best for the United States. In today's highly party-oriented climate this will be a magnificent challenge. Should he get elected, I would look for him to continue his style of creative solution seeking, which would involve talking and listening to both sides. This is what he talks about when he says we need to change to a new kind of politics in Washington. Perhaps this style will differentiate him from Mr. Clinton and there will be no unwarranted partisan attack campaign. I intend to vote Obama 08 because I am sincerely convinced he represents Americas best hope for a bright future.