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Sarah Palin's Gender Card

Randy Wynne about almost 7 years ago

Why is the best political commentary on The Comedy Channel? Are the Daily Show researchers so much better than the networks that only they can expose commentators' and politicians' hypocrisy

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good commentary is the most entertaining

Excellent clip. Worthy of the iconic LOL (laugh out loud) Truly! And I think the serious answer to the query; Why is the best political commentary on The Comedy Channel? Because it a joke! (I'll leave you to decide which joke is being referenced) LOL

Humor is augmented by being able to say what you mean; for instance, a network news anchor can't say "Caribou Barbie"


It would be more accurate to call her EXXON Barbie, as she's up to her elbows in oil, or maybe "Liar barbie" which is what happens every time her "facts" are checked.Or, better yet, "Trojan Horse Barbie", because she doesn't look like a war criminal Republican. I just call her the "Wacko from Wasilla". By the way, Miss hockey mom attended college (one of the 5 in 4 years) in Hawaii, hmm, who does that remind us of?

Corporate Professional

Well anyone who actually BELIEVES and states out of her own mouth that this war is GOD'S will/plan and so is an oil pipeline....WOW... Why don't we just go get a terrorist to run our country because they believe that blowing innocent people up is GOD'S PLAN!!!!!! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO EVOLVE!! The lack of REAL thinking and sound judgment is so sad. I applaud Barack Obama for saying that people cling to their religions!! This man is brave and actually has independent thinking!