INTRO:Across the nation, many democrats have held informal and local houseparties designed to get people energized about this presidential election. The grassroots efforts first started when then prospective candidate Gov. Howard Dean reached out to local communities of friends and neighbors in an effort to mobilize his base. In one such gathering in Pasco County last night for John Kerry and John Edwards, Robert Greenwald’s film “uncovered� was shown. WMNF’s Mark Antokas attended and files this report.

SCRIPT: Once again, a group of about seventy Bay Area voters gathered in New Port Richey at Bourbon Street nightclub to view a free film, “Uncovered, � the Greenwald film exposing the Bush adgenda which led up to the war in Iraq, and later to cheer on their candidates John Kerry and John Edwards in a DNC houseparty. Matt and Amanda Murphy of the Pasco County Young Democrats were there and say that their goal is to educate young voters. Roll Tape:

Jim Wilcox, co-owner of Bourbon Street was asked about his motivation to host these meet-ups. Roll Tape:

Tom from Missouri is a recent transplant to Pasco County. Roll Tape:

Cal Branch is the vice chairman of the Pasco County Democratic Executive Committee. Branch spoke of the D.E.C’s direction. Roll Tape:

Jan Carter and Keth Luke, both ministers at American Friends Church spoke to WMNF outside during a thunderstorm. Roll Tape:

SOCK-OUT: In Pasco County, for WMNF radio news, this is Mark Antokas.

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