Today at the Hillsborough County Commission, County Commissioners heard a discussion of how the County handled last week's preparations for Hurricane Charlie.

As the Hurricane looked inexorably that it would descend upon Tampa Bay, County officials announced last Thursday that there would be a Mandatory evacuation at 6AM Friday morning for Levels A, B, and C in the County.

County Administrator Pat Bean (roll tape#1 "moved and moved safely")

And Bean asked for an Amendment to the Current Budget for expenses incurred for last week of half a million dollars - an estimate she said, that would mostly be used to pay Vendors and Overtime for County Employees. She said she expected 75 to 80% of that money would be reimbursed.

Bean announced that the Florida Fairgrounds has been designated by the State as a Regional Relief Center where supplies are being sent and then distributed to those Counties in need.

And Bean said the County's Emergency Operating Staff had learned some critical lessons from what amounted to a Fire Drill last Thursday and Friday

(roll tape#2 o.q."were questions about that")

Larry Gispert is the director of Hillsborough County's Emergency Management Center- he had only a few words upon accepting praise from the County Commission (roll tape#3 o.q. " and we did")

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