Tomorrow on the USF campus, a program designed on developing leaders in local communities begins its initial session.

The program is being produced by the USF Jim Walter Partnership Center. Jim Walter was a local pioneer in affordable housing in the Tampa Bay Area in the Post World War II era, and his family provided funding at the university to create an endowment to look at creating affordable housing..

Manny Rivero is the Executive Director at the Jim Walter Partnership Center. He says the program came together after taking focus groups in the Community - Asking them if Leadership Training was something that the community desired

(roll tape#1 o.q." working on some of these issues")

Rivero says that among those who will be involved in these first sessions who currently working as Community Leaders. He says the goal is to find new leaders (roll tape#2

o.q."how to be m ore effective")

Community Members from both Hillsborough & Pinellas County will be present.

And USF's Manny Rivero says these sessions take place the next 5 Saturdays

(roll tape#3 o.q. "part of this training")

And Rivero says for those interested in participating, this year's sessions are already filled, but they are taking reservations for next year((roll tape#4 "Partnership Center")

That was Manny Rivero from the USF Jim Walter Partnership Center, on their new program to try to develop leaders in local communities.

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