The mother of a Blake High School student says her daughter is one of more than a dozen students who were kicked off a school bus because they are black. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer reports.


Sara Newsome say her daughter was the victim of racism on the part of a Hillsborough county School bus driver last Friday morning, on her way to Blake high school.


Newsome has filed a complaint with the NAACP; she says her daughter, who a senior, but in her first year at Blake High School, is one of several children who have complained to the principal. She tells her mother that the cheerleaders are not riding the bus anymore.

ACT “I did talk to the principal about it and she agreed what happened…the other children had already spoken to her about it.�

There was a video bus on the camera.

ACT “My daughter said the driver turned the bus off because then the camera goes off. None of it was recorded.�

Blake high school says the schools principal is on vacation until Monday, but WMNF spoke to Linda Cobb, spokeswoman for Hillsborough county schools about the incident


WMNF after speaking with Ms Cobbe, WMNF spoke with DeDe Smith with the County School transportation department.

ACT “When do these cameras work?�

Ms Smith could not comment on the investigation; Ms Cobb from the county schools says information will not be available to the public until 10 days after it is completed. ACT

Newsome say she hasn’t gotten an appropriate response from school officials

ACT “I’m very disappointed din the way the county has handled it.

ACT “My daughter is so humiliated..and now shes saying some of the kids..white kids are acting like—we can do what we want, i’m surprised that all the black kids went to the office together, but none of the white kids went with em.�

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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