In District 6, the closest local race of the night, former Professional wrestler Brian Blair has a narrow lead over Bob Buckhorn..With all precincts reporting, Blair had 216, 430 votes, or 50.28% of the vote, while Buckhorn had 214,062, or 49.72 percent…

Last night Buckhorn said he knew the race would be tight (roll tape#1 o.q.�either way�)

Blair is a former professional wrestler and owner of 4 Gold’s Gyms.. He lost to Pat Frank in a surprisingly strong race 2 years ago for County Commission…

WMNF asked Blair what he would do now that he’s a County Commissioner

(“in the procedures� )

Buckhorn spent over $220,000 in a losing effort, the largest of any Commission candidate. …But Blair sent out provocative mailers in the waning days of the campaign, including one charging that Buckhorn had approved an adult entertainment business within 600 yards of a school…The St. Petersburg Times reported that

Buckhorn made the vote based on advice from the city attorney. Although the city has had a long-standing ordinance forbidding adult businesses from opening near schools, the school in question, Miles Elementary, is located outside city limits. So the attorney told the council it couldn't use the rule.

Brian Blair said he had been treated worse in the campaign (roll tape#3 o.q.�look great�)

The flier also says Buckhorn is "proudly" endorsed by strip-club king Joe Redner. Buckhorn has indeed received Redner's endorsement, but not proudly. Redner has made a point of saying that, despite his many clashes with Buckhorn, he feels he must endorse him because he believes Blair is in the pocket of developers who are among his major campaign contributors….Buckhorn called the fliers “desperate�

(roll tape#4 o.q.�unfit to serve�)

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