Hillsborough County celebrated National Adoption Day, a week early, with a group adoption at the Hillsborough County Counthouse this morning.
WMNFs Jen Germaine was there.

In the U.S. there are 126,000 children waiting in foster care to be adopted, and over 200 children are waiting for adoptive families in Hillsborough County.

National Adoption Day is November 20th, and Hillborough County got an early start with the finalization of 37 children being adopted by 27 families.

Shortly before Dean and Michelle finalized the adoption of their sons, they talked about what brought them to this day.


Nine year old Zena's adoptive parents, Tom and Kate, spoke about geting the word out on adoption and how this process worked for them.


Elijah has been living with this adoptive family since he was 7 months old and today he officially became the son of Constance and Emerson, and sister of Sofia.

(emerson) (sofia)

Dylan, one of the 37 children being adopted, told us how important this day was to him.


For WMNF this is Jen Germaine.

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