The circus is in town, and as Ringling Brothers pulls into town each year, so does a traditional protest by people for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA. PETA held a demonstration this afternoon to bring attention to the fact that circus animals are beaten, kept in captivity, and sometimes killed while being made to perform in the circus.


An almost naked woman in chains and shackles laid on the sidewalk with a fake bruise on her back, on the corner of Franklin and Kennedy in downtown Tampa


Several people were handing out leaflets, including Leslie Pan Dolpho

ACT “???…

Dolly Reynolds was participating in the protest along with her 3-year-old son, Josh.

ACT “…and it teaches or kids that if someone is weaker you can beat up on them…�

Gayle Murphy Is with Florida voices for animals

ACT ‘I have witnesses; I have seen them stabbed and beaten..Ive demonstrated after they shot Arnie the tiger in the cage in St Petersburg…Ringling is now using a tiger, when the took a tiger and shot him and were not punished…we have video of employees stabbing and drowning to death..� ARE PEOPLE READY TO HAVE COMPASSION…it’s not either or, our hearts are big enough to be fair to all living beings on earth..�

Brandy was wearing a TV screen, showing videos of elephants being shocked with electric prods and beaten with metal claws.


ACT ‘Any circus that has animals is violence…bull horn, steel claw, they swing it like a baseball bat, this is standard..�THAT SEEMS LIKE A TALL ORDER>>> No actually the Detroit zoo just closed the animal exhibit. People realize that animals in captivity are if we did it to dogs and cats, zoos are a step in the right direction, animals aren’t viciously beaten but you still have confinement issues…�

The protest began at noon; around 12:45, two Tampa police cars arrived and parked to block the view of passing cars. An officer told WMNF that they didn’t want drivers being distracted by a half naked woman. Some people watching the video said they were surprised at what they were seeing. ACTS

A ringing Brothers employee was at the demonstration, but refused to comment. The Circus also did not return WMNFs calls for comment. The protesters will also be across the street from the St Pete times forum this evening, as tonight is the opening night of the Ringling Brothers circus, they will be joined by members of the Animal protection institute. For more information, log onto

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