Last Friday, at the Stetson university school of law, Michael Traynor, the President of the American Law Institute, gave a speech titled Citizenship In A Time Of Repression. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer was there, and filed this report.


ACT ‘I feel in my heart that our basic liberties are being repressed by our own government, I realize that there are various points of view—all of us are trying to seek the right balance between liberty and security.

Michael Traynor spoke at length about the patriot Act, and said the realities of how it invades our civil liberties have been misrepresented by the US government

ACT “In his testimony before the house judiciary, the attorney general acknowledged the standards, he admitted, he conceded….a little DNA

ACT ‘The department of justice, maintains a website titled life and liberty, post speeches and reports….describing section 215..that report describes as a myth, that many people are unaware it describes as reality that the library habits are of no interest and that obtaining business records…it asserts that section 215 has a narrow scope, it can only ..it can not be used ..in a democracy, the government is costrained by informed consent—when citizens visit the website, they are entitled to a description, not an advocated brief, not…�

Traynor said he wanted the group of law students at the speech to take on a responsibility for shaping American society both as citizens and as lawyers.

ACT ‘A key challenge is to define principles of law enforcement vs military action with less involvement of judges and congressional.. lawyers and scholars can provide the rational to decide what applies, bars can speak the truth….

Traynor said he does not oppose all of the patriot act, but section 215 has to go, and the United States reaction to terrorism must be much more rational and measured in order to be effective in preserving the America designed by the writers of the constitution.

ACT “I have no illusions about the very real threat of terrorism, and at any time the bloodhounds may strike, the fanatics…the appropriate responses include smart and aggressive actions, but not to engage in demagoguery and fear mongering, to reform but not to blame on bureaucracy, to educate our citizens but not assume that to develop, with the involvement of state police…

That was Michael Traynor, the President of the American Law Institute, speaking at the Stetson College of Law last Friday.

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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