Eddie Adams Running For Congress, Mary Mulhern for County Commission


Today the 3rd Republican and 8 candidate to try to succeed Jim Davis in Florida’s 11th Congressional District announced his candidacy today.

Temple Terrace architect and community activist Eddie Adams declared his candidacy today in Tampa, near the Florida Aquarium. Adams formerly was a board member of WMNF. We’ve contacted his campaign, and like every other candidate in this race, hope to conduct an indepth interview with him about the issues in this race, in the near future.

Another first time political candidate announced HER candidacy today. That would be Tampa resident Mary Mulhern, who announced today that she will run as a Democrat in the District 1 Seat on the Hillsborough County Commission.

Mulhern, is probably best known as the being the Art Critic for the Weekly Planet the past few years, and is the wife of long time WMNF DJ Cam Dilley.

Although Mulhern is a political novice, she does come with a strong pedigree. Her sister-in law is Jennifer Granholm, the Governor of Michigan, and a rising star in Democratic Party circles.

Mary Mulhern visited the WMNF studios today…..Where we talked about her campaign where she would be replacing Kathy Castor- who has been the lone liberal voice on the Comission, as 1 of only 2 Democrats on the Board…But Mulhern says her candidacy is not about ideology, but about getting things done (roll tape#1 O.Q.�ECONOMIC PLAN�)

That’s Mary Mulhern, running for the Democratic nomination for Hillsborough County Commission in District 1, the seat being vacated later this year by Kathy Castor, who is running for Congress. Mulhern is being opposed by Deborah Cope of the Sierra Club.

On the Republican side, Tampa City Councilwoman Rose Ferlita will face off against Brad Swanson, formerly of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

We hope to interview all of the candidates in this race in the upcoming weeks and months to come.

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