League of Conservation Voters Gives out Grades to Florida Politicians by Mitch E. Perry


Today one of the country’s leading environmental groups, handed out report cards to each and every member of ongress on how they grade out on environmental issues.

The League of Conservation Voters said that South Florida Democrat Robert Wexler was one of 44 Congressional members to achieve a perfect 100% score. He was the only Florida representative to be accredited with such a score.

Also receiving plaudits include Tampa area Democrat Jim Davis, North Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown, and South Florida freshman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (roll tape#1 o.q.� on this issue in the House’).

Shirin Bidel-Niyat is the Campaign Manager for the Florida League of Conservation Voters. She also handed out some of the poorest grades amongst Florida’s Congressional members (roll tape#2 o.q. “on off shore drilling�)

Many of the state’s Congressional GOP delegation also fared poorly in the LCV rankings (roll tape#3 o.q. “closer to Florida’s Coast�)

The League of Conservation Voters’ annual report Card , which grades every member of Congress individually, was released the same day that President Bush continued his alternative energy tour…The President appeared in Golden, Colorado today…He’s proposed a 22 percent increase in funding for clean-energy technology research at the Energy Department. He wants to change the way the nation fuels its vehicles and powers homes and businesses by focusing on nuclear, solar and wind power as well as better batteries to power hybrid-electric autos and hydrogen-fueled cars.

But Shirin Bidel Niyat from the Florida League of Conservation Voters says it’s the President’s Energy Bill, approved by Congress, that is one of the biggest environmental embassments of 2005 , however (roll tape#3 o.q.�and home heating prices�)To study the National Environmental Scorecard, go to LCV.Org

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