Anti-war mom who lost son in Iraq speaks out about stolen Memorial in Tampa by Mitch E. Perry


When President Bush visited Tampa last Friday, approximately 2 dozen protestors were waiting for him along his motorcade’s route, at the corner of Dale Mabry and Gandy.

Among those protesting was Norma Aviles, who’s son Andy was killed early on in the invasion of Iraq, back on April 7th, of 2003.

Andy Aviles was an 18 year old Marine lance corporal, who died when an artillery round hit his vehicle in Baghdad. Andy’s mother, Norma Aviles has been against the war ever since – but adding insult to the death of her son was the removal of a memorial set up for him, near Mac Dill Air Force Base.

Nobody knows who removed it. Neither officials at McDill, nor the Tampa Police Department, have reported any leads on who stole Corporal Aviles picture, just before the President was to arrive and possibly drive past on his way to the base.

Norma Aviles family feels like the stolen memorial is an insult, not just to them, but to the Military as well…(roll tape#1 o.q.�show any respect�) And the Aviles family still has no idea who removed the memorial (roll tape#2 o.q.�by ourselves�)

That’s Norma Aviles, the local woman whose son Andy was killed in Baghdad in April of 2003…..Mrs. Aviles has become a fierce critic of the war in Iraq, and was among those in attendance protesting the war when President Bush appeared in Tampa last Friday.

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