OUR FIRST GUEST IS DR. Entisar Mohammad Ariabi. Dr. Ariabi is a pharmacist at the Yarmook Teaching Hospital in Baghdad, where she lives with her husband and five children. A member of the Pharmacist Union, she is involved in providing medical and food emergency relief to families in villages and towns devastated by the war. She is especially concerned by the deteriorating health care system in Iraq, including the lack of medicines and medical supplies and the destruction of hospitals. She’s in this country as a member of a delegation of Iraqi women who want to tell their stories to the American public and to urge U.S. and United Nations officials to create a peace plan to end the escalating cycle of violence. They are bringing a Women’s Call for Peace that’s been signed by 50,000 women around the globe. Their call urges a change in strategy in Iraq, from a military model to a conflict resolution model. It requests the withdrawal of all foreign troops and foreign fighters from Iraq, negotiations to reincorporate disenfranchised Iraqis, full representation of women in the peacemaking process, and a commitment to women's equality in the post-war Iraq. The full text is available at

Husam Amin will be translating for us…..\

Dr. Ariabi, will be speaking in St Pete at the Enoch Davis Center this Tuesday, March 14, at 7:00 PM. For more information on this event, call Judith Nelson at 867-3176. She'll also be giving a talk on Wednesday night on Healthcare in Iraq: The Impact of War upon Public Health @ 7:00 P.M. Open to the Public – Free Admission Auditorium 1023-C College of Public Health University of South Florida, Tampa CONTACT: John Arnaldi 813-974-7363 or 813-988-0734

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