Indiana Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate coming to Tampa by Mitch E.Perry


Democratic Indiana Senator and likely presidential candidate Evan Bayh is coming to Tampa for a $500-per-person fundraiser at the Tampa Club.

Bayh is a member of the centrist leaning Democratic Leadership Conference or DLC, the same mainstream organization that Bill Clinton and Al Gore came from….

Democratic Party consultant and former Tampa City Councilman Bob Buckhorn is also a member of the DLC…..He’s hosting Bayh’s visit next week (roll tape#1 o.q.�beyond that�)

So far there are no declared candidates for President…But Senators Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden have all but done so……Both candidates on the ’04 ticket, John Kerry and John Edwards, are also considered to strongly be considering a run, as is former general Wesley Clark….

WMNF asked political consultant Bob Buckhorn, how can Evan Bayh, not known to have loads of charisma, break on through and became well enough known in the next 2 years? (roll tape#2 o.q.� is even better than than�)

The fundraiser for Evan Bayh takes place next Friday, april 21st, at the Tampa Club in downtown Tampa.

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