Phillips is a former aide to Richard Nixon and it was Phillips who developed the "Southern Strategy". That was a plan to turn the South from a Democratic to a Republican stronghold. His strategy worked. But in the last few years he's become a critic of some GOP policies. And in his latest book "AMERICAN THEOCRACY: the Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century" the GOP is the first political party in American history to be controlled by religious groups. He says the danger of that is that some people within the GOP believe the "End Times" are at hand. If that's the belief controlling the Republican Party, Phillips argues, environmental concerns and an expanded war in the Middle East might not matter if the Rapture is at hand. Phillips also says that the largest industry in the country has become the financial/credit industry- even larger than manufacturing. He says this puts the country in a precarious position because its wealth is now based on debt and speculation. Finally Phillips argues that the U.S. is not thinking ahead in terms of the next energy mode. He says world oil supplies are rapidly diminishing and the Republican government is doing nothing to switch to new energy sources. Phillips will speak in Sarasota this Saturday night (April 22nd).

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