Jeffrey Sachs on Ending Poverty by Mitch E. Perry


Last week we ran an interview with Dr. William Easterly, who is disdainful of U.S. Foreign Aid, saying there’s a lot of good will involved, but very poor execution.

A much different perspective comes from Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, dubbed the most important economist in the world last year by the New York Times Magazine.

His book “The End of Poverty�, has just been published in paperback We began our interview with Jeffrey Sachs by asking him about the last summer’s G-8 Summit held in Gleneagles, Scotland…Activists had targeted the meeting as a place where the world’s largest countries could make a significant impact on poverty and debt relief (roll tape#1 o.q.�economic development as well�)

That’s Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs……We’ll speak with him later this week in the 2nd part of our interview with the noted economist.

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