Elizabeth Ziff of BETTY w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


Betty – Heatwave 1992 Remembered!

Elizabeth Ziff, “BETTY,� vocalist, guitarist and composer. BETTY is a five-piece pop rock alternative band from New York City. Fronted by three women, the band's unique sound is based on the "spine-tingling harmonies" (Billboard) of songwriters Amy Ziff, Alyson Palmer and Elizabeth Ziff. Add to that mix BETTY's "superb songcrafting" (KALX Radio), lyrics with "a Fellini-esque flair for combining the surreal and the everyday" (The Washington Post) and unpredictable onstage antics and you wind up with what National Public Radio calls "a fun, sexy romp through a musical freak show". In February, 2005, Showtime Television's number one show, "The L Word" returned for a second season. BETTY wrote the new theme music for that show and band members appear on a few episodes individually and collectively. Elizabeth Ziff is the show's Musical Composer. BETTY fights fiercely for causes in which they believe: equal rights, finding cures for breast cancer and AIDS, Planned Parenthood, the Pro Choice movement, an end to sexual violence and everybody's inalienable right to dance naked in the streets. Their performances have helped raised millions of dollars for these causes.

BETTY will be in concert at The Bank, 1919 Central Avenue, St. Pete, Thursday, June 1, 9:00 pm. www.atthebank.com. 727-898-4488.


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