Weapons of Mass Destruction and Gender Disarmament - JACQUELINE CABASSO, Western States Legal Fndatn w/ Mary Glenney, WS


Blix WMD Report and Gender Disarmament – Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation

Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation. The WSLF focuses on nuclear policy issues. The report reminds us, “�So long as any state has nuclear weapons, others will want them. So long as any such weapons remain,there is a risk that thy will one day be used, by design or accident. And any such use would be catastrophic.� Cabasso said, “The Commission clearly holds the United States largely responsible for the present crisis. By walking away from tried and true ams control treaties, and by launching an illegal war in the name of ‘counter proliferation,’ the U.S. has seriously undermined international law and endangered international security.�

Cabasso offered one strong criticism of the report, stating: “The Commission explores options for controlling uranium enrichment and plutonium separation activities in order to minimize the risks of proliferation associated with those activities. But they fail to even mention the possibility of phasing out nuclear energy.�

www.wslfweb.org. www.DisarmamentActivist.org. www.wmdreport.org. 510-839-5877.

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