"NO MORE TEARS, SISTER," POV film opens season. HELENE KLODAWSKY,filmmaker and SHIRAKA THIRANAGAMA, daughter of RAJANI w/ Mary Glenney, WS


Helene Klodawsky, filmmaker and Shiraka Thiranagama, younger daughter of Rajani. A story of love, revolution and betrayal, "No More Tears Sister" explores the price of truth in times of war. Set during the violent ethnic conflict that has enveloped Sri Lanka for decades, the film recreates the courageous and vibrant life of renowned human rights activist Dr. Rajani Thiranagama who was gunned down at age 35. As Helene says, "When I went to Sri Lanka, I realized that most people were afraid to speak about Rajani, not because they weren't inspired by her or they didn't love her — they did. It's just that given the political climate that exists now and then, to speak out about Rajani could mean their own death." This is the first film in the 2006 POV season. WEDU. 11:00 pm Tuesday, June 27.

www.pov.org. or http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2006/nomoretears/index.html.

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