Tatyana McFadden, Nation's fastest wheelchair racer at age 17 w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


TATYANA McFADDEN, Nation’s Fastest Wheelchair Racer. Adopted at age 6 from a Russian orphanage, this young girl with spina bifida learned to walk on her hands to compensate for the lack of a wheelchair, She is in Tampa for the National Junior Disability Championships and has already won the 5,000 meters, 1,500, 8000, 200 and 100 – and shattered national records for her class/age division (the 400 is Saturday morning). She also won the pentathlon and a table tennis competition. At 15 she was the youngest member of the U.S. Paralympic Track Team that competed in Athens, winning silver in the 100 meters and bronze in the 200. Earlier this month she won the 100 meters at the U.S. Paralympic Track & Field National Championships. She talks about her life and her goals for the future. Raised by her adoptive mother and her partner, in typical teen-age jargon, Tatyana called Florida laws restricting gay adoption “stupid.�

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are u sure?

i mean,there are years comin and soon there will be more people that are faster.im not making an insult about this person.i mean there could be more people out there and that is positive.

are u sure

there are new years going here and there are faster people out there i mean this is 2012 and theres pretty alot of fast people now. so im not insulting this person and its clear.