TROOPS HOME FAST -- in JORDAN, JODIE EVANS, Code Pink co-founder w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


JODIE EVANS, co-founder of Code Pink. Hear the weekly update. After 28 days of fasting, anti-war hunger strikers received a breakthrough victory for their sacrifice. Leading members of the Iraqi Parliament invited fasters to joins them to discuss their plans for peace in Iraq. Earlier this week hunger strikers traveled to Amman, Jordan to meet with these Iraqi MPs and break their fast. We talked with Jodie in Jordan. She is there with Medea Benjamin, Diane Wilson, Cindi- Sheehan, Tom Hayden, Colonel Ann Wright and others. They have met with Iraqi parliamentarians for the last 2 days. She said that the conditions hey report in Iraq are worse than any of us could imagine. Cindy is on her way to Crawford, Texas to try to meet President Bush and set up Camp Casey on the one-year anniversary of the original Camp Casey. The delegation is heading for Syria tomorrow to learn what they can about the situation in Lebanon and Israel. You can link to reports about the meetings at the web sites below.

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