South Florida Democratic activist fights for Joe Lieberman by Mitch E. Perry


The Poll will remain open in Connecticut until 8 PM tonight as Democratic voters are choosing whether or not to keep 18 year Senator Joe Lieberman or vote him out of office…..Lieberman is being challenged by anti-war candidate Ned Lamont.

Today the Washington Post wrote that a Lamont victory would be the most significant primary defeat for an incumbent Democratic senator since Arkansas Sen. J. William Fulbright, one of the leading opponents of the Vietnam War, fell to then-Governor Dale Bumpers in 1974.

Although there have been hundreds of stories about how Lieberman’s support of George W. Bush and the Iraq war is the catalyst that led to perhaps a Lamont victory, the Post today reported that many Connecticut voters feel cut off from Lieberman, saying he has ignored their concerns.

The story quotes one voter as calling Lieberman “untouchable, and out of reach�. A Democratic town committeeman in East Hartford complained Friday that Lieberman failed to come and hear concerns about his positions on the war. A state legislator complained Saturday that Lieberman does not know most members of the legislature. The story says that Lieberman's staff has heard numerous stories over the course of the campaign of Lieberman's failure to stroke the right person at the right time.

If Lamont, credit is ready to be shared by liberal blogs like Daily Kos.Com…..But one Democratic Party activist says it would be outrageous if Lieberman lost – and he says some of the opposition to Lieberman is anti-semitic in nature.

Bob Kunst is a South Florida Democratic activist who has become known in the last year as the proprietor of – a website devoted to promoting a Hillary Clinton run for President in 2008.

But Kunst – a virulent critic of George W. Bush and has been part of many protests in Florida against the President, is in Connecticut supporting Joe Lieberman. He says that some of the harsh rhetoric in the race against Lieberman is actually anti-Semitic in nature (roll tape#1 o.q.� I don’t think they’re going to pull anything off�)

That’s Miami Beach Democratic Party activist Bob Kunst- who’s a fierce critic of President Bush, but is supporting Joe Lieberman in his election against upstart Ned Lamont. We should say that Kunst is a registered voter in Florida , and he is not actually voting in the Connecticut Democratic Primary race.

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