Davis and Smith tied in Democratic race for Governor by Mitch E. Perry

A new poll in the Democratic race for Governor shows that Rod Smith has climbed back into the race against Jim Davis, and is in a statistic dead heat.

The poll by Associated Industries shows Congressman Davis at 21%, Rod Smith at 20%, and Still – a huge majority – 59%, still undecided with 3 ½ weeks to go.

David Kotchman is a spokesman for State Senator Rod Smith (roll tape#1 o.q.�have a long way to go�)

The reaction from the Jim Davis camp was to disparage the poll. Spokesman Josh Earnest says Associated Industries is not considered along the lines of other more respected pollsters (roll tape#2 o.q.�entertainment purposes only�)

WMNF contacted Associated Industries of Florida for comment. We did not hear back from them by airtime.

The Davis campaign emphasized that their candidate has consistently led in polls since the campaign began – which is accurate. But there can be no denying that momentum appears to be building for Rod Smith for awhile- since not that long ago, David enjoyed a double digit lead.

Perhaps the most controversial part of this campaign took place earlier this week, when an independent group sent out fliers to South Florida residents blasting Davis for missing a vote on Congress condemning Hezbollah. The mailer was obviously aimed at Jewish voters. The group that distributed it – Florida Working Families – has ties to Senator Smith. Jim Davis for Governor Spokesman Josh Earnest said Smith needs to repudiate the ad (roll tape#3 o.q.�false attacks against his opponent�)

Meanwhile, Rod Smith is broadcasting a new television ad – this one that highlights Stem Cell Research.. Spokesman David Kotchman (roll tape#4 o.q. “a leader in this industry�)

Smith was a co-sponsor of a failed bill in the legislature that would have directed $15 million in state money to fund embryonic, adult and umbilical cord stem-cell research. Jim Davis says he supported that legislation.

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