Tom Gallagher finally goes after Charlie Crist by Mitch E. Perry


With just 3 weeks to go before the September 5th Primary Election, Florida CFO Tom Gallagher needs to make significant inroads to chip away at the substantial lead that Attorney General Charlie Crist has amassed in the Republican race for Governor.

Last week, after Gallagher admitted to talking to party leaders about whether or not to say in the race, several close advisors to Gallagher quit his campaign – with reports that they were not supportive of a change in campaign strategy.

In the past few days Gallagher has hired several new media consultants – but none bigger than Mike Murphy, a nationally known Republican political consultant who has worked with some of the biggest names in the Party, like John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jeb Bush.….

That new team has now come up with a television ad that appears to finally try to show the contrasts between the candidates (roll tape#1 o.q.�in the Jeb Bush tradition�)

Mike Murphy tells the Tallahassee Democrats that he had turned down Gallagher last year when asked to help his campaign, but was convinced to change his mind after learning that some Florida Republicans were trying to get Gallagher to step aside.

Murphy said he is working as a volunteer for the campaign, because his consulting firm was staying neutral in the race.

But he added, “I saw a bunch of people meeting in Tallahassee deciding Gallagher didn’t have a right to run, and I decided that’s not right.�

Alberto Martintez is the spokesman for the Tom Gallagher for Governor campaign. With time running out – it’s obvious that it’s time for the campaign to emphasize the differences between the 2 candidates – with a notable emphasis on the word gay (roll tape#2 o.q.� under Jeb Bush�)

We want to remind you that Tom Gallagher will be debating Charlie Christ in a debate in Tampa a week from tonight that will be simulcast on WMNF…That will begin at 8PM – a week from tonight.

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