Skip Campbell is running for Attorney General by Mitch E .Perry


Though there has been extensive focus on the Governor’s race this summer, and the GOP Senate Primary, there has been very little attention paid to who will replace Charlie Crist as Attorney General this November.

That’s because the top candidates for both Parties have seen their competition quietly walk away.

For the Republicans, a spirited 4 way race has devolved to just former Orlando area Congressman Bill McCollum as the candidate. So McCollum has already advanced to November’s elections.

On the Democratic side, South Florida State Senator Walter “Skip� Campbell faces a little known Fort Lauderdale Attorney, Merrilee Ehrich, next week .

Campbell has been an attorney for over 30 years, and says his top priorities will be protecting children from Internet sexual predators, being more proactive in fighting Medicaid and Medicare fraud, protecting consumers from identity theft, and promoting reasonable utility rates.

WMNF spoke with Skip Campbell yesterday… We began by asking him if looking for consumers would be his top concern as AG (roll tape#1 o.q.�the antithesis of what I believe in�)

That’s Florida State Senator and Democratic Attorney General candidate Walter “Skip�Campbell, running for state AG in the Democratic Primary next week.

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