Christine Jennings on why she's the better Democrat in Sarasota by Mitch E. Perry


Last night WMNF aired an interview with Jan Schneider, one of the 2 Democrats in the race to win the nomination in the District, which encompasses Desoto, Hardee, Sarasota, and parts of Manatee County.

Jan Schneider criticized her opponent, Christine Jennings, saying recent negative attack ads have violated the Sarasota Civic League’s Pledge against Negative Campaigning, that both candidates signed. Before we hear from Jennings on the issues, we asked her to respond to that charge (roll tape#1 o.q.�on this�)

In fact, on the Sarasota County Civic League’s website, it says that Jennings declined to sign such a pledge. Tonight we will hear from retired banker Christine Jennings, who lost to Schneider 2 years ago in the Democratic Primary. Jennings has raised far more money than Schneider in the race, and has received some backing from Washington, which is considered unusual..We began by asking her what did she consider the key differences between herself and Jan Schneider (roll tape#2 o.q.�for this district�)

That’s Christine Jennings, Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 13th District. That election takes place on Tuesday.

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