Gallagher Bashes Crist for gay publication’s endorsement by Mitch E. Perry


With only 4 days before Election Day, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Gallagher may need a miracle to defeat Charlie Crist in the GOP Primary. Today, Gallagher demanded that Crist denounce his endorsement by a gay publication in next week's governor's primary.

Gallagher ridiculed Watermark magazine’s labeling Crist a "moderate" and praising his support for same-sex civil unions. Gallagher, who pushed steadily hard to the right in campaign appearances today, is desperately trying to close what a Mason Dixon Poll released yesterday shows is a 22 percentage point lead for Crist with just four days before the election.

Tom Dyer is the Publisher of Watermark, a newspaper for the gay and lesbian community in Tampa and Orlando. He says Gallagher’s remarks are indicative of why he did NOT get an endorsement from the publication (roll tape#1 o.q.� for Florida right now�)

That’s Tom Dyer, publisher of the Watermark, a newspaper for the gay and lesbian community published in Tampa and Orlando.

When Charlie Crist was told by reporters about Gallagher’s comment that he reject the endorsement of the Watermark, Crist responded, “I don't reject support. I'm in the business of trying to get support. I've got an election Tuesday and I want to get all the support I possibly can.�

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