Wayne Garcia on Senate Races by Mitch E. Perry


Two of the most interesting local races taking place in today’s Primary are 2 Republican State Senate affairs.

In District 16, which includes both Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, 2 GOP House members, Kim Berfield from Clearwater and Frank Farkas from St. Petersburg, are battling in a vicious primary, with the winner to face Democrat Charlie Justice in November.

Wayne Garcia is a former political consultant, and currently, the Political Editor at Weekly Planet. In his previous life, he worked for opponents of both Berfield and Farkas. In his column in the current Weekly Planet, Garcia writes, “Who could ever replace Frank Farkas in the St. Petersburg-centered district he has held for the past eight years? ..Well, given his ethically challenged performance, just about anyone …..(roll tape#1 o.q.�those kinds of things�)

As far as Clearwater State Representative Kim Berfield, Garcia says television ads linking her to the ever unpopular insurance industry is sure to lose her some votes (roll tape# 2 o.q.�in this election cycle�)

The other interesting State Senate race in Tampa Bay is in District 10, where there are 3 Republicans running for the nomination to face Democrat Steven Gorham in the fall.…… District 10 is the complete Eastern half of Hillsborough County, the Southeast section of Pasco County, and a tiny piece of Polk County.

There are 3 people running for that seat….Including former state Representative Sandra Murman, Plant City Businessman Ray Young, and the inimitable Ronda Storms from Eastern Hillsborough.

Republican Murman used to be a Democrat – after switching from being a Republican. . Opponents have been running ads with her own words from back in 1996 saying “My platform is the Democratic agenda.

Weekly Planet Political Editor Wayne Garcia says that Murman MIGHT have had a chance in this race, IF she was running against Storms in a one-on-battle – but that’s not the case (roll tape#3 o.q.�and doing other things�)

That’s Weekly Planet Political Editor Wayne Garcia – Garcia has ran campaigns for Sandra Murman in the past, and has also run campaigns against Ronda Storms.

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