Eddie Adams Jr. faces Kathy Castor in Florida 11th Congressional District race by Mitch E. Perry


Despite the hoopla, Kathy Castor has NOT won the Congressional seat held by Jim Davis for the past decade…She has simply won the Democratic nomination…However, the District is skewed heavily Democratic, and last night’s election is considered a near victory.

But there will be an election in November, where Castor will face a Republican who ran unopposed – Eddie Adams Jr., A Temple Terrace businessman who formerly was a board member for WMNF.

Adams, an African –American, said last night at Katherine Harris Campaign Headquarters that he’s not ready to concede anything to Castor yet (roll tape#1 o.q.�as part of this race�)

That’s Eddie Adams, Jr., the Republican running for Congress in the 11th District here in Florida.

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