Busansky in trouble? by Mitch E.Perry


The St. Petersburg Times reported online today that the Gus Bilirakis Congressional campaign is boasting about a poll taken by the Tarrance Group showing that Bilirakis has a 28-point lead over Democrat Phyllis Busansky … The results are somewhat stunning, since some analysts had been considering the 9th Congressional seat Democrats might be able to steal, with longtime Congressman Mike Bilirakis retiring after 2 decades.

But the name recognition factor appears to be working for Gus..The Times reports that among those voters who “know both� candidates, Gus Bilirakis captures fifty-one percent (51%) of the vote and leads Busansky by fully seventeen points.

At a news conference at the Port of Tampa today with Democrats Bob Graham and Kathy Castor, WMNF asked Busansky about the new poll (roll tape#1 o.q.�couldn’t be helping us anymore�)

Despite the brave words, the new poll also says that Busansky is largely unknown to voters in the district, with a name awareness level of only twenty-four percent (24%.) Even in Hillsborough County, her home county, seven in ten voters have never even heard of her…..Busansky was asked how she counters the mega bucks that the Republicans are throwing at her in the 9th District race…With President Bush hosting a fundraiser for the Tarpon Springs Republican next week….That’s after Dick Cheney did an earlier appearance for Bilirakis….Busansky says she’s unfazed (roll tape#2 o.q�I believe they’ll make the right one�)

That’s Democratic Congressional candidate Phyllis Busansky…President Bush does come to Tampa next week to raise money for her opponent, Gus Bilirakis.

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