South Florida Journalist who outed Foley 3 years ago calls him a hypocrite by Mitch E. Perry


Bob Norman writes a column for the Broward County New Times, an alternative weekly. He also blogs at the Broward /Palm Beach site, called�The Daily Pulp�. Norman wrote a controversial cover story for Miami New Times back in 2003, when he reported that Foley was gay. Foley was flirting with running for the GOP nomination for Senate that year. WMNF asked Norman today why wrote such a story (roll tape#I just went ahead and wrote it�)

Shortly after Norman’s story broke in New Times, Mark Foley called a news conference to condemn rumors that he was gay, but refused to say whether he was. Months later, he dropped out of the race altogether, saying he needed to spend more time with his father, who had prostate cancer. Again, Broward County New Times columnist Bob Norman (roll tape#2 o.q. “straight to the gut of the American voter�)

Meanwhile, the St. Petersburg Times is being hammered on some journalism web sites and television programs for their lack of action regarding the Foley situation. The Times acknowledged on Friday in their pages that they were given copies last November of e-mail exchanges between Foley and a former Congressional page. But political editor Scott Montgomery wrote on the Times political blog yesterday that that page did not want to go on the record, and a subsequent conversation with a 2nd page did not reveal anything damning to Congressman Foley. And Montgomery writes that the new e-mails posted on the Internet late last week were far more graphic and sexually explicit than the ones they had confronted nearly a year ago. Nevertheless, some critics are saying the Times blew an opportunity. Again, blogger and political writer Bob Norman (roll tape#3 o.q. “and politics�)

That’s reporter Bob Norman. He wrote an explosive story about Mark Foley in the 2003 Miami New Times, that outed him.

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