Poynter Institute points way for newspapers by Mitch E. Perry


In the past few years, much has been written about how the tenuous future of the U.S. Newspaper Industry. Yesterday, the London Financial Times took a look at 2 of America’s finest newspapers, and how they’re currently coping with a changing industry.

The story looked at the Los Angeles Times, where the staff last month rebelled against a distant corporate owner. And there is Chicago, home to that same owner, the Tribune Company, where a special committee is considering breaking up the group’s newspaper and television properties to satisfy frustrated shareholders.

The Financial Times compared the LA Times with the St. Petersburg Times. . Unlike most US papers, the St Petersburg Times is not part of a big, publicly held corporation. It is controlled by a local non-profit foundation, the Poynter Institute.

The paper has poured millions into long-term projects, such as the launch two years ago of a free weekly paper, TBT. And it has just spent $25m upgrading printing facilities and plant in the past three years.

Earlier this week, WMNF spoke with the Times Executive Editor, Neil Brown, to discuss some of these new changes – including how they’re coping with the increasing popularity of the Internet, where a site like Craigs List has hurt newspapers signficantly by reducing the amount of advertising listings (roll tape#1 o.q.�the one main newspaper each day�)

That’s Neil Brown, Executive Editor of the St. Petersburg Times…He spoke to WMNF on Monday Morning about the new changes in design with the paper.

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