Judy Woodruff Part II by Mitch E. Perry


Judy Woodruff has worked for NBC, PBS and CNN, before semi-retiring last year.

But now she’s back in broadcast news, filing reports on America’s youth for the Lehrer News Hour on PBS, and just yesterday, on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

For several years, Woodruff was the host of CNN’s Inside Politics, a series look at the political scene, and a reason why CNN used to be considered the finest choice in cable news. But the network has continued to lose what is termed ‘market share’ to Fox News, and has devoted hours to Michael Jackson, Jon Benet Ramsey and other stories that are hardly considered ‘hard news’. In the 2nd part of an interview conducted yesterday, WMNF asked Judy Woodruff her thoughts about cable news these days (roll tape#1 o.q.�politician of their choice�)

That’s longtime broadcast journalist Judy Woodruff, speaking to WMNF yesterday. She is currently filing reports for PBS’s Newshour with Jim Lehrer and NPR

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