David Kuo: Author of “Tempting Faith: An Inside story of Political Seduction� by Mitch E. Perry


David Kuo served as Special Assistant to President and Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. But he left that job, unhappily, back in 2003.

He’s now come out with a book slamming the Administration for not being sincere about some of their goals with the Evangelical community. He says it took both the White House, and a severe health crises, to show him his Christian values, and those of millions of Americans, were being corrupted by politics.

WMNF spoke with David Kuo this morning. We began our interview by asking him about a passage in his book, where he describes himself as ‘esctactic’ after meeting with then Texas Governor George W. Bush for the first time, shortly before he declared his candidacy for President.

Kuo writes about his excitement while talking to veteran political journalist Joe Klein, who warned Kuo, “Don’t let him break your heart�. WMNF began our interview with Kuo by asking, “Did President Bush break his heart�?

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That’s David Kuo, author of the new book, “Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction�. Please tune in on Monday evening on the Evening Newscast where we’ll hear what Kuo thinks of his Christian faith allowing him to hate gays and Bill & Hilary Clinton.

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