Election 2006 by Mitch E. Perry


Both Charlie Crist and Jim Davis – bay area citizens – will be hosting their parties in the Bay Area tonight. Charlie Crist’s event will be at the Vinoy in downtown St. Petersburg. Congressman Davis will have his event at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa.

This mid-term election has received perhaps the most media coverage of any mid-term election in decades. Some analysts predict it will be the biggest voter turnout for a Mid-Term since 1982….But in Florida, turnout is considered unpredictable. That’s perhaps because in the Primary election in September, voter turnout was the 2nd WORST in State History.

Then there is the question of rain in the Tampa Bay Area. Usf –St. Pete Political Science professor Daryl Paulson says he believes the vast interest in the race means it will be higher than usual turnout for a midterm election in Florida (roll tape#1 o.q.�in the 2000 election�)

Jim Davis spent the last day of campaign 2006 at a variety of precincts in Tampa and Orlando…But there are already some grumblings that he has not used his Lieutenant Governor nominee, Daryl Jones, that effectively – especially in the South Florida area, considered the treasure trove of Democratic Votes…Again, Daryl Paulson (roll tape#2 o.q.�African-american community�)

Barring an upset, all polls say that Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist will be the next governor of Florida. Crist made national news Monday when he blew off President Bush, who came to campaign in the Panhandle – because the Bush camp says Crist requested the appearance. Instead, Crist campaigned with Bush’s one time rival, presumed 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain in Jacksonville. USF- St. Pete Poli Sci professor Daryl Paulson says that wasn’t a smart move by Charlie Crist (roll tape#3 o.q.�at that rally�)

That’s USF – St. Petersburg Political science professor Daryl Paulson…Daryl Paulson will be one of our guest analysts tonight as part of WMNF’s coverage of Election 2006…Our coverage will begin tonight at 8PM.

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