Jewett on Florida Congressional Races by Mitch E. Perry


Although the Jennings/ Buchanan race is still officially undecided, 2 other Congressional races in Florida - among 2 of the most important and contested races in the battle for the House, went the Democrats way on Tuesday night.

First it was South Florida State Senator and Democrat Ron Klein defeating long time GOP Congressman Clay Shaw. Shaw had been in Congress for 26 years.

And in Florida’s 16th Congressional District, also known simply the Mark Foley Seat, Democrat Tim Mahoney defeated Republican Joe Negron in a close election. Negron’s name was not even on the ballot, after he was named by the Florida Republican Party to run in Foley’s place, after Foley shockingly quit his seat in Congress after sexually explicit instant messages were made public that he had sent to Congressional pages.

Aubrey Jewett is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida. He says these races, as well as the Buchanan – Jennings affair, were some of the most closely observed Congressional races in the country (roll tape#1 o.q.�tight race there again�)

That’s Central Florida University Political Science professor Aubrey Jewett, commenting on the changing of the guard in 2 key Florida Congressional races this past week.

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