Roger Hickey from the Campaign For America's Future on Mid Term Elections by Mitch E. Perry


The day after the mid term Elections, Democratic Pollster Stan Greenberg and Democratic strategist Bob Borosage sent a memo out regarding a poll taken on Election Night.

Their conclusions are available on the website of the group Campaign for America’s Future. Greenberg is best known as being a pollster for Bill Clinton, while the co-founder of the Campaign For America’s Future’s co-director Roger Hickey, was one of the founders of the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank that looks at economics from the point of view of working Americans.

There has been much discussion about the Democrats plans for their first 100 hours in power in January. Votes on stem cell research, cutting the interest rate on student loans in half, and raising the minimum wage are scheduled to come up.

There’s also talk about revisiting Immigration reform. WMNF asked Hickey about the survey, starting out with immigration (roll tape#1 O.Q. “ in the ’08 elections’)

That’s Roger Hickey, from the group Campaign For America’s Future. To read the results of their survey taken of the election…You can go to their website,

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