EVE ENSLER on Security w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


EVE ENSLER, Author, insecure at Last: Losing It in Our Security Obsessed World. Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, a powerful voice and champion for women everywhere, takes a timely and urgent look at how we live today, the drastic measures taken to keep us safe, and how we can truly experience freedom by letting go of the deceptive notion of vigilant “protection.� As Eve says, “Why has all this focus on security made me feel so much more insecure? Nothing is secure. And this is the good news. But only if you are not seeking security as the point of your life.� She draws on her experiences with women in Afghanistan, a prison in upstate New York, African women fighting to stop the practice of genital mutilation, survivors at the Superdome after Katrina and memories of her own abusive childhood. www.vday.org.

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