Florida 'Mainstream Democrats' plows on by Mitch E. Perry


Last month’s Democratic tide seemed to hit most parts of the country, but somehow stopped around the Mason Dixon line.

Jim Davis’ loss to Charlie Crist in the Governors race was not that close. Bill McCollum also beat Skip Campbell relatively easily in the race for Attorney General.

But Democrats were able to crow about taking 7 seats in the House, their best showing in a long, long time.

State Senator Dave Aronberg announced last week that his political group, the Florida Mainstream Democrats, had raised over a million dollars during the election cycle, the best it’s done in its short 3 year life.

On its website, the Florida Mainstream Democrats says it’s an organization comprised of centrist elected officials that is reaching out to disengaged Democratic voters who have crossed over to vote Republican in recent years.

WMNF spoke with Dave Aronberg last week. (roll tape#1 o.q.�and that’s what our group is trying to change�)

That’s Democratic State Senator Dave Aronberg..He represents part of Charlotte, Glades, Hendry, Lee and Palm Beach Counties in the state legislature..

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