Another challenger puts her hat in the ring to lead Hillsborough Democrats by Mitch E. Perry


Next week, the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee will vote to select its next Chairperson, replacing Janee Murphy.

There will be many challenges for local Democratic head – After last month’s election, there is now only 1 Democrat on the County Commission. Democrats were also unsuccessful in defeating Ronda Storms in the District 10 State Senate race.

Last night we interviewed Michael Steinberg…Tonight, another candidate we speak to is Pat Kemp. Kemp has been hired by Congresswoman-elect Kathy Castor to act as a community liason in the 11th District.

Kemp is also the wife of WMNF’s Program Director, Randy Wynne. There will be a number of challenges in trying to resuscitate the local Democratic Party in Hillsborough. WMNF asked Kemp, why she wants to take on this job (roll tape#1 o.q.�that’s what we have to do�)

That’s Pat Kemp, Community Liason for Congresswoman-elect Kathy Castor, and a candidate for the Hillsborough County’s Democratic Executive Committee Chair.

WMNF has made contact with the 2 other candidates in the race: Mike Suarez, and Bob Keenen. They have not returned that contact at this time,.

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