Bush to 'surge' 20,000' troops


President Bush is expected to address the nation sometime next week to talk about his new “way forward”, as the administration is now phrasing it – in Iraq.


Bush is widely expected to announce next week an increase or ‘surge’ of 20,000 more troops in Iraq,  as well as asking for a boost in spending to fund reconstruction, economic growth and job creation.

 P.J. Crowley is a Senior Fellow and Director of National Defense and Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress.

During the Clinton administration, Crowley was Special Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Affairs…He’s also a veteran of Operation Desert Sheild and Desert Storm.
 Although Democrats like Dennis Kucinich are talking up defunding the war effort, there appears to be little appetite for that among any significant number  of members of Congress.
But for Democrats – and Republicans to show their displeasure , there is now some talk of Democrats having Congress reconsider its original authorization of force in Iraq, back in October of 2002.  WMNF asked Crowley what he thought of that idea?   (roll tape#1 o.q.”that we’d like it too”)
 That’s PJ Crowley, from the Center for American Progress based in Washington, speaking to WMNF about the purported plans for Iraq that President Bush will speak about when he addresses the nation next week.                

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