Documentary Filmmaker Talks About Transsexuals by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Monday

Last night WMNF reported on Steve Stanton, The City Manager for Largo who announced thru the pages of the St. Petersburg Times today, is transgendered and will soon be undergoing hormone therapy and counseling in preparation for a sex-change operation. In an e-mail that was sent to Largo city employees yesterday, Stanton wrote that he knows that this revelation has caught everybody by surprise, before writing about his own evolution, and what transexuality is all about. Stanton says that he’s thought of becoming a woman since childhood, but repressed such feeling throughout most of his life – but even after getting married 17 years ago and having a child, Stanton says he never lost the feeling that he was born into the wrong gender..   Tom Murray is a documentary filmmaker based in Sarasota.  He’s just recently completed an award winning film that explores of lives of transgendered women. The film, “Almost Myself” won the jury award for “Best Feature Documentary “ at last year’s Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 

Upon reading about Stanton’s situation, Director Tom Murray says his plight is similar to the stories of the people he learned about in working on his film (roll tape#1 o.q.”that’s always there”)


As the Times reports, Steve Stanton has the support of Largo’s Mayor, Pat Gerard. 

After Stanton sent his e-mail to all 1,200 Largo city employees, Largo Police Chief Lester Aradi then wrote an e-mail to all Police Employees.


In the e-mail, Chief Aradi acknowledged that while the news may be shocking to some, he stressed that they be professional in discussing the matter.   He wrote that “inappropriate comments, jokes, Instant Messages,  or other forms of communication at work would be wrong and would be contrary to all such training they have received at the Largo Police Department.


Sarasota documentary filmmaker Tom Murray says that the fear of disapproval amongst loved ones, colleagues and friends is something that weighs heavily on a person in a situation like Steve Stanton is in right now(roll tape#2 o.q.”it’s going to be a tough journey”   )


That’s filmmaker Tom Murray.  To get a chance to check out his documentary “Almost Myself”, you can go to his website –


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